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Photography Tips
Photography Tips 
Take your camera with you
You can not capture an image if you don't have your camera.

Put The Sun Behind You
A photograph is all about light so always think of how the light is striking your subject. The best bet is to move around so that the sun is behind you and to one side. This front lighting brings out color and shades, and the slight angle (side lighting) produces some shadow to indicate texture and form.

The rule of thirds
Divide an image into three parts horizontally and vertically. Placing the horizon a third of the way from the top or bottom for impact. Where the horizontal and vertical divisions meet are power points. Use the Rule of Thirds to add variety and interest.

Keep it simple. Don't try and include everything. A cluttered image is normally hard on the eyes.

Photographing People
The simplest tip for photographing people is to talk with them.

Camera Clubs
Join your local Camera Club...there's one in most towns. Try doing a internet search for your local camera club.

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