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Click on the download link

Accept the free license terms

Let the picture appear on the screen.

Place the cursor over the image and click the right mouse button.

Select Save Picture As (Microsoft IE) and select an area of your hard disc to save too.

You can then resize / crop the image using your image manipulation software.

May a church use your images in a Bible study or in a Worship service ?

We are happy for images to be used in services of Christian worship. Please provide a credit to

You might be interested to know we are also developing a new site which will allow us to bring together all the worship
resources we are using in our own churches.

We are a Charity / Not for profit organization / NGO / Government department / Federal body / can we use your images for free?

Basically yes. We allow anyone to download our web size images to use on the internet (link back and attribution required). In fact you can use our web size images anywhere on the internet aslong as you provide a link back and attribution i.e. (c) .

For commercial clients, who are looking for higher quality files and do not wish to provide the link back and attribution, you can still purchase our images as always. Plus we have a special Price Guide for Charity / Not for profit organization / NGO / Government department / Federal body, etc.

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