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Free Use Rules
Conditions of Free Use and Download instructions provides its images under three available licensing options.

1) ANYONE, by which we mean commercial and non-commercial alike, can use images in an online setting, providing they provide attribution to the image and a link back to (either the image or the main site). This license allows blogs, social networking sites and use in emails, just to name a few, providing they provide the required attribution, this includes sites that pay people to write, carry advertising or are selling and promoting products. The only requirement the attribution and link back.

2) Under the Creative Commons license for non-commercial, no derivatives, attribution license ( This provides for use in any media providing it is not for commercial purposes and they are not making a derivative image or gallery. This allows use such as for an artist to paint based on one of our images, provided they don't sell the painting, or to be used in school work or college projects.

3) Users can purchase a license to allow use in print and other media including, online, television, film, newspapers, marketing and advertising. This license enables use without attribution and without requirements to pay a further royalty. is an interesting proposition. We are a traditional Stock Photograph Library serving commercial clients all over the world. We offer our commercial clients high quality A7 size 72dpi images as well as A5, A4 and A3 high res 300 dpi versions.

At the same time we allow anyone to download our web size images to use on the internet (link back and attribution required).

Also non-commercial users may download our web size images to use off-line in school projects, church services, leaflets, etc. Basically if your off-line use is not commercial you can download our web size images for free. All we ask is that you follow these simple rules.

You must credit the web site on your website or alongside any non commercial printed use.

If you use one of the full screen images you must place a hypertext link with the line Supplied by in a conspicuous place.

We also ask that you add a (c) to the image alt tag.

You may also use our images on blogs, forums, social networking sites and video sharing sites like YouTube.

You MAY NOT use the images to create your own photo gallery web site.

How to DOWNLOAD Images ?

Let the picture appear on the screen.

Place the cursor over the image and click the right mouse button.

Select Save Image As (Netscape) or Save Picture As (Microsoft Internet Explorer) and select an area of your hard disc to save too.

You can then resize / crop the image using your image manipulation software.

For Mac OS x

Select the Finder by either clicking on the Desktop or the Finder icon in the Dock.

Click and hold over the word 'Finder' in the menu bar next to the Apple Menu icon.

Roll over 'Finder Preferences' in the drop-down then let go of the mouse button.

A panel will appear. Click on the 'Select Picture' button.

Using the filing system window, find your downloaded picture and select it by click on it then click 'OK'.

Close the 'Finder Preferences' window.

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